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    including .as files in FB 4.6 while preserving code hinting and completion...

    tamak1234 Level 1

      Im working in flash builder 4.6 and having a blast... one thing Id like to do to keep my code better organized is have external files (.as presumably) that each represent a modular code block / process / function then just be able to edit those respective files and STILL have the cool code completion and hinting that shows when Its all in the main mxml document.


      Is that something that Flash Builder supports?



      Another code editing question that comes to mind is regarding 'code folding'... neat feature and I used to use it alot in Dreamweaver -- but always thought it would be MORE powerful if the user could 'save' or 'persist' folded code so that if I have folded areas, close the file and then resume editing, it remembers the code folding ... does FB support something like this?