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    LR Crash - monitor profile issue (solved)

    dan3430 Level 1

      I spent 3+ hours last week trying to figure out why after setting up the xrite display Pro I couldn't get more than 2 minutes out of LR before it would crash and completely shut down. After a bunch of other failed tries I realized that it was probably related to the monitor profile I had setup the day before. If you're doing an advanced profile there is an option for value lookups. I had inadvertanly selected table lookup. Changing that value to Matrix lookup and redoing the monitor profile fixed the problem.  Matrix lookup is the default, but I must have changed it. ALSO, at least as of writing this windows 7 does not support V4 profiles (which is the defualt), and so you need to choose V2 profiles if you want windows 7 ( windows picture viewer etc) to work with your profile. Windows paint, photoshop, lightroom etc support v4, but not some browsers and the built in picture viewer.




      My  specs at the time:


      Xrite Display PRO (fully updated)

      windows 7 64

      Lightroom 5.4

      Nvidia 550 TI


      In summary: Choose matrix lookup and V2 profiles when calibrating your monitor for the most compatibility.