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    Formscentral is showing multiple responses after one submission


      Hello all,


      We are just now getting started on annual evaluations and our managers have begun submitting these results to us. I've received duplicates of some of the information and, after going back to the manager, they have said they only submitted the form once. The last instance of this happening was this morning and it showed under the responses tab that the evaluation was submitted at 9:31, 9:33 and 9:45. Again, she said she only submitted once and wasn't sure what could have caused this.


      We about to be receiving ~1,600 reponses from managers and I really hope we aren't going to have to spend a lot of time deleting duplicates. I'm open to the possibility that this manager did submit multiple times in error, but its happened a couple of other times prior, I just haven't asked the manager what happened on their end.


      Is this a known issue or a potential issue with my form? If so I'd love to get this corrected now before this becomes a giant mess.