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    Flash Player 14.0 installer failure:  Seriously????

    rich alderson

      I have tried for weeks to update to 14.0, receiving cryptic failure messages ("failed to register").

      I uninstalled 13.<mumble> via the Windows control panel and attempted to install 14.0, which

      still failed. Hrmph.


      Today, a page I really need to see requires Flash Player, so I let IE try again. This time around,

      I got the message


                Error '1041': No further information is available.


      So I tried to find a support number, and got referred to this forum instead. A search on "error 1041"

      in the forum shows discussions going back to version 11.<mumble> along with people still seeing

      uninformative error messages.


      If I supported my products this way, I would be asking customers "You want fries with that?" in very

      short order.


      Yes, I've tried all the suggestions (no, Task Manager does not show any Flash-related processes;

      no, there is no earlier version of Flash Player on this system; no, I've been using computers since

      1969 and have no patience with nonsense so I won't wave a chicken over my head in the dark of the



      Has anyone had any success with installing 14.0????  What did you do to succeed?