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    Can I use automatically select only first line of a caption to include in List of Figures?


      Is there a setting in the TOC utility in ID CS6 that will allow me to use only the first sentence in a caption to include in a list of Figures?



      Willard's Wharf, Cocoa, Florida, 1887.   This was Cocoa's first  blah blah blah.  Photo by a dead guy.  courtesy of a nice old lady whose grandmother collected it.


      In the example above, the entire passage is currently formatted using a paragraph style sheet in Arno Pro Caption.  When I'm done, I would like to have that first phrase or sentence in bold, which I planned to do with a character style sheet.  The remainder will be in regular type. 

      Now that I understand more how the TOC utility works, I'm wondering, can I make a paragraph style for the title phrase, and a second paragraph style for the remaining text in the caption that follows  If so, how to I ensure that the second paragraph will follow on the same line where ever the first paragraph style ends?  Nested styles, maybe?  If nested styles are the way to go, comments on or pointers to the simplest strategy to make this work will be appreciated.


      Captions are not consistent.  Some have a name and date; others are a Title phrase or sentence, followed, sometimes, by up to several sentences.  Typically, however, there is only one sentence after the title. I also usually have a "Courtesy of . . ." statement acknowledging the source of the photo.


      I'm a newbie using id cs6, for the first time, to format a book.  I'm enjoying using the program, but a few details sometimes bring me to a stop.