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    using director

      Does anyone know how to create a searchable CD-ROM using director and Impressario search tool? Impressario has a search tool add in, but I'm not sure how to use director at all. How can I find some training in the software?
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          The combo of Director and Impressario is cool. The standard Impressario menu bar tool that comes in a few different flavors will allow you to not only search a document, but slice and dice it in several different ways.

          All you have to do is drag it to the stage and it does the rest. Impressario comes with tutorials that can be accessed through the Director menu.
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            ch-mike Level 1
            Thanks, but I'm having some problem figuring it out and the tutorials haven't help. I was hoping to find some book or person that could help me.
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              RobWellington Level 1
              You really don't need any Xtras to turn Director into a database or search engine. Lists do it all really well.
              Here's a classic way to do it:
              1/ create a database of your info in anything you like, even Excel, and export it as a text file (delimited by 'tab' is probably best - separates the fields in the text conversion)
              2/ import or paste the text into a text member
              3/write a utility that goes through each line (with 'tab' or whatever as the itemDelimiter) and builds a list.
              4/ Write handlers that go through your database list extracting lists of keywords, dates, whatever you want to sort or find by. For example for keywords you make a property list that uses a keyword as the property and then all the numbers of all the records that have that keyword as a linear list.

              This makes finding REALLY fast. You just getAprop(theCriteria) and you have all the record numbers. Then you just go through the numbers extracting the records form the list and building text lists or however you are representing the search results.

              Anyway, once you have it all in lists you can do whatever you want with it. I have made a 1000 + databse that can be searched instantly, sorted by 4 different criteria using and/or searching.

              Once you get into lists you'll find they are very easy, flexible, powerful and fast. I think database Xtras are really only necessary for external DB comms.

              Good luck!