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    Is it possible to add a clip to a sequence using ExtendScript?


      My job consists of making videos that follow a very specific format:  add the interview clip, add the opener, lower third, outro music, copyright, make sure the audio levels are good, add a Dynamics preset, export.  Over and over and over again, day after day.  Growing weary of the daily grind, I looked rather extensively into the capabilities of Premiere scripting via ExtendScript.  I was excited to hear that CC 2014 had expanded on its scripting capabilities, so I dove in and found out what it was capable of doing, not letting myself be deterred by the lack of documentation.


      Here's what I discovered:  among many other things, you can programmatically create (and sometimes modify) bins, markers, and sequences, and import clips into the project.  But you can't actually put those clips into a sequence.  Indeed, every Google search led me to the same point:  you can do quite a bit with scripting, but you can't do that.  That's where everyone gets stuck, and no one has an answer.


      Is it just... not possible?  If not, why come so close and yet so far with scripting?  Will this be added in the future?  I'm far from the only person on the interwebs who would absolutely love this ability.