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    Lr4: Cannot import, stops at "copy and import"


      I have been having trouble importing photos to Lightroom 4 this past week and was hoping for some help fixing the problem. Here are the details:


      I am working with Lightroom 4.4 on a 15 inch Macbook Pro late 2013. I am shooting with a 5D Mark III and have not had problems in the past with this setup.


      I can no longer successfully import photos from my SD card or my pictures folder to Lightroom. These are the steps that I take and where the import process stops working:

      1. Open Lightroom, click the import button in the lower left corner

      2. Select my SD card from Devices, check the photos that I would like to import, and click import

      3. This is as far as I get; the upper corner reads "Copy and import photos" with a progress bar below it that never fills. The center of the screen reads "Importing files..."


      I can successfully import photos from my desktop. I can also import photos from my SD card to my desktop.


      I have had this problem for about a week. I have not changed any settings between when it was working and when it stopped working.


      I have not been able to find any reports of similar problems when searching online. I read an article that recommended moving the com.adobe.lightroom4.plist file from my computer but that file is missing/does not exist on my computer.


      Has anyone else experienced this problem and/or have any advice as to how to resolve it? Thank you!