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    aperture demise

    denise fuson

      The inevitable has happened.  Any thoughts on how to migrate seven years and many thousands of images from Aperture to LR?

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          areohbee Level 6

          Sorry I have more question than answer: out of curiosity, why don't you wait and see how the new Apple Photos app pans out, since (among other things) it will auto-migrate your Aperture stuff.


          Don't get me wrong - I think Lightroom is the cat's meow (albeit far from perfect), but I can't help but be curious.


          Thanks in advance for your .02


          PS - Regarding how to migrate, I would import both raws (originals) and rendered images, and stack the rendered images over the raw (original) ones. That way you don't lose any of the work you've done in Aperture, but you can re-process raws (originals) in Lightroom when you see fit.. - I'm sure somebody will have a more detailed procedure for you.



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            denise fuson Level 1

            I guess I am a bit worried that in doing this Apple is stepping away from pro support and more to prosumer. So, all feels a bit shaky. I've been thinking I should switch for some time now. But with tens of thousands of images, and having spent the last 7 years honing my Aperture skills, it is not something I relish!

            Sort of like global warming...when do you sell your beachfront property?


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                RT56 Level 1

                Interesting take by Thom Hogan on bythom.com on this development. He seems to think it's not quite the end of apple photo management for advanced users.

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                  I've tried the methods proposed by John at LightroomSolutions, but it seems to only work well for RAW shooters (I have a mix).


                  There's two issues exporting from Aperture:

                  - In some (maybe all?) cases when applying IPTC data to a JPEG master (either in the library or on export), Aperture will reset the Orientation field (so portrait shots get rotated back to landscape).

                  - The only way Aperture natively exports GPS data (if it was applied from within Aperture, i.e. isn't already in the master) is via the XMP sidecar


                  Unfortunately Lightroom doesn't even look at the XMP sidecars for JPEG photos, so your options are:

                  - Include some IPTC data embedded in the JPEG (excluding GPS) and potentially lose the orientation data

                  - Lose all your IPTC metadata (keywords, face names, ratings, ...) but keep the orientation

                  - Write a complex script to "post process" your exported files (e.g. copying EXIF data from XMP sidecar into the JPEGs)


                  Ideally Adobe could resolve this by either

                  - Providing a way to import from an Aperture library directly (including all metadata that can be converted)

                  - Allowing the import process to read XMP sidecars for JPEG images (even if the sidecar is then forgotten about after import, as I realise major changes to allow JPEG + XMP side-by-side would be tough)

                  - Providing a tool to do the "post processing" mentioned above for copying EXIF data from XMP sidecars into JPEGs for a directory hierarchy of exported Aperture projects


                  (i don't know if Adobe read these forums? not sure where to submit such feedback if they don't, as I've really only just started using Lightroom now that Aperture is on the way out)