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    The new tracker is superb, as well as CC 2014 overall.

    nullsebasvideo Level 1

      I've been critical of certain lack of features and obvious bugs in After Effects and Premiere CS6, but fair is fair, the CC 2014 suite is really amazing, especially After Effects. Just playing a few hours with it, and the camera tracker is a huge improvement over the one in CS6. I threw it some test footage that has three types of tracking modes, walking forward, sideways, and then a turn, a total of 684 frames at 24 fps and it took it about a minute or two to give me an excellent track. The CS6 tracker wasn't able to solve the camera for the part where I turn around, and Mocha Pro wasn't able to solve it either. The Blender tracker finally did, but after I spent hours setting trackers and solving a thousand times (although it's still a very good tracker overall).


      Even more amazing, I then threw a similar take but where I leave my garage, go around two corners of the house, walk across the front yard, turn around, then pivot to the right, and it got it right, not even with detailed analysis. And this is a 1235 frame take. Would have taken me hours to set markers in Blender or Mocha.


      Also the ability to set the origin is a huge step, since sometimes you have something already rigged and animated in a 3D program to start from the origin, and it wouldn't be so easy to change it to another location. The only thing that now would be a great addition would be to be able to export to FBX, Collada or Alembic to take that tracked camera to another 3D app.


      So whoever worked on this, excellent job. And also the rest, not only C4D lite and all of the enhancements to AE, such as playing back a barebones clip without having to render it to RAM first, but also having the other programs that I didn't have in the CS6 Production Premium suite, like Acrobat, Dreamweaver, etc, all of this for $30/month is more than worth it.