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    FLV Flash Video Playing in Director... Questions....

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      I would like to embed Flash Videos (*.flv) in a director movie. The Director
      movie will then play from a CD-ROM.

      - Is the streaming smooth and nice in Director.

      - How good must be the performance on the user (target) computers. Will be
      Pentium 4, 1,8ghz, 256ram, 64mb VGA, enough?

      - Is a video size of 720 x 576 (PAL) or 1024 x 576 (PAL 16:9) possibel,
      taking into consideration a good streaming performance on target computers
      as mentioned above?

      - Is it possibel to have layers on top of the Flash Video? (This is not
      possibel with mpeg video, or wmv)

      If there are any other points from interst, pls. let me know.

      Thank you for any hint,

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          Paper Dog
          Did you get anywhere with this? I would be interested too!!!
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            why don't you create a projector in flash straightaway. It would be faster, cos embedding it inside Director will only add to the performance hit.
            Most of the projects I worked with ran smooth when using a Flash projector and even with Director too, still you will have to test it with the files that you are using.

            Flash Video encoder lets you have those resolutions, you can adjust the converting options in that itself.

            you can place any object over the flv when inside flash, but doing the same inside Director will reduce the performance as it will require you to switch off the DirectToStage property, which reduces the performance drastically.

            But. as I said, you should check on both versions so as to which one suits you best, also the bitrate of the video plays the most important role to have a smooth playback. An vcd size (dimensions) video with a high bitrate can be skippy too and one with dvd dimensions might play smooth in the same conditions due to bitrate.