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    adobe.lightroom.com is EMPTY

    danielpetry Level 1

      Even though I have synced photos between Lightroom Desktop and Mobile, adobe.lightroom.com shows nothing.

      Shouldn't it be automatic? My photos should be there, right? I can see them in both applications, they are, supposedly synced...

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          greule Adobe Employee

          On which OS+Browser are you seeing this? - Guido

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            danielpetry Level 1

            I've tried with:


            Safari in iPad Air

            Firefox in Mac OS Mavericks

            Safari in Mac OS Mavericks

            Chrome in Windows 7


            I've got more than 20k photos synced.

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              greule Adobe Employee

              Could you try to remove the Adobe cookies from e.g. Firefox and re-signin to Adobe Lightroom and see if it helps. - Guido

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                danielpetry Level 1

                Hi. I tried that and it didn't work. I got in contact with Adobe and I had to go to Lightroom preferences in my desktop, than to Lightroom Mobile Tab and delete everything, and resync everything. That fixed the issue.

                Bellow are the instructions I received.



                Thilak: Launch Lightroom 5.5  in your desktop click on Lightroom >> preferences >> Lightroom mobile.

                Thilak: There do you see delete all Data.

                Thilak: Just to be informed that if you click on it. The images in the Ipad will be completely removed.

                Daniel: I see it. So I'll have to resync everything?

                Thilak: So you have to recreate it again in the Ipad.

                Thilak: Yes

                Daniel: What happens to photos that I copied to the iPad via the SD Card reader, Imported to the Lightroom App and are already synced with my Desktop? They will remain in my desktop?

                Thilak: The data's in Desktop will remain the same.

                Thilak: But only the data will be removed from Ipad

                Daniel: Ok. Should I click on the "delete all data" right now?

                Thilak: Yes

                Daniel: Ok. There's a progress bar with the message "Deleting Local Lightroom mobile Data". I'll let you know when it is over.

                Thilak: Alright.

                Thilak: Once you click on Delete all Data, Sign out from IPad and also from Desktop, then sign in again

                Daniel: Ok. It is still on the progress bar... I'll let you know once it is finished.

                Daniel: Ok. It finished

                Thilak: Sign out and sign in again[, from Desktop and Ipad.

                Daniel: Ok. I signed out in both devices. Not signin in.

                Thilak: Okay.

                Thilak: Now sync and check that you are able to view the images.

                Daniel: Ok. I moment while it syncs. While it does, I have another question: what is the limit of images that I can sync? I saw at Adobe's FAQ that the synced images do not count in my 20GB storage. So, what is the limit?

                Thilak: Sure I will let you know

                Daniel: The images are now showing at the lightroom.adobe.com website. Thank you.

                Thilak: Great!

                Thilak: There is no specific limits on image sync

                Daniel: Ok, Thank you very much for all this help. You've fixed the issue!




                Thanks greule for helping me out. Thanks AdobeCare.