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    keyword problem


      Major problem with keywording. I'm using the trial of 5.5 of lightroom. It was working fine with the first four directories of images I imported. Now I'm importing a directory of alphabet PNGs. I select all and add keywords. Save to file. Import a second alphabet directory of different PNGs. Enter keywords. Save to file.


      I look back at my first directory which seemed to save the right keywords, and they have all changed to the keywords saved for the second directory. Same results if I remove directories and change their names. Same results if I remove directories and keyword in Bridge then import directories. Always both directories of the alpha graphics end up with the same keywords.


      If I can't get this working, there is no sense in buying the trial, which I was about to do since it worked fine with the first four directories. Has anyone heard of a problem like this and is there an answer? Is there a place to email adobe for an answer if no one can figure it out?


      Thanks trememdously for help!