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    No audio on DVD

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      I use Premiere Elements 12. In a project the Interview plays great on the timeline,but when It plays on DVD, there is no sound. Why, when there is sound when played on the timeline?

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          What computer operating system is your Premiere Elements 12 running on?


          Please update to the 12.1 Update. See project's Help Menu/Update.


          When you playback the Timeline in the Edit area monitor with Audio Meter opened where does the audio activity reside as represented in the Audio Meter?

          (See Window Menu/Audio Meters).


          What are you creating in Premiere Elements 12, burn to for DVD-VIDEO format on DVD disc or AVCHD format on DVD disc?


          What player is being used for the "DVD" playback characterized by no sound? Does this situation apply to playback on the TV DVD or Blu-ray player as well as on the computer player?


          Let us start here and then decide our troubleshooting strategy.


          Thank you.



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            Windows 12 OS


            I have updated to 12.1


            The audio level on the meter is between -12 and -6 because the subjects

            voice flunctuate. I intentionally want it at -12 for all audio. I'm having

            the same issue with the other interviews in the project as well.


            I'm creating a burn to for DVD-VIDEO format on DVD disc


            The player being used, in which I am having this problem is a Sylvania

            -RW/-R DVD player. The interview do have sound when played on my laptop (I

            also edited the project of this laptop).

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              From what you wrote, I believe that your issue is with this Sylvania player and that needs to be looked at by Sylvania. But, let us explore the following.


              Please confirm if your report of Syvania "no sound" for this DVD-VIDEO on DVD disc is really "low sound" as opposed to "no sound".


              You say that your Premiere Elements 12 project's audio meter shows audio activity at -6 to -12 dB at playback

              of your Timeline in the Edit area monitor.

              a. Set the project's Timeline audio at 0 dB or 1 dB and take the Timeline content to DVD-VIDEO on DVD disc.When

              you play back this DVD, do you get sound in both Sylvania player and the laptop's player?


              For later discussion, thinking about Gain and Normalize for audio adjustment.


              More later.



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                I have edit other projects with interviews using a the same methods and

                have had no issue; therefore, I thinks it's inaccurate to says the Sulvania

                DVD player is the issue.


                After increasing the volume to its max, I have confirmed the issue as "NO

                SOUND" .


                The other audio is fine, I'm having issues with the interview audio. Would

                I still need to change the timeline audio? If so, can you explain how to do


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                  Where have you been making your Timeline audio adjustments up until now - the -6 to -12 dB? Nonetheless....


                  Do you have more than one source of audio in your project that is going to DVD-VIDEO on DVD disc, that is, interview sound and some other? Are you saying that the Sylvania is giving no sound for the whole DVD-VIDEO playback or is it playing non interview audio on the disc while it is not playing the interview audio on that same disc? Do you have access to another player besides the Sylvania? If so, same problem? Is this one laptop the only place where you can playback your Premiere Elements DVD-VIDEO on DVD disc?


                  So, if I am reading you correctly...when the Timeline audio is jacked up to Max +6 dB (according to the Audio Meter), the sound is blasting away on the laptop playback of the DVD-VIDEO on DVD disc while there is no sound at all for this same DVD-VIDEO on DVD disc played back on the Sylvania? Do you have any of the earlier no problem DVD-VIDEO on DVD discs that can be played back at this time on the Sylvania?


                  Please confirm that, if you go to a new project, the problem can or cannot be resolved.


                  In Premiere Elements 12, you can adjust the Volume

                  a. At the Timeline level, moving the audio clips rubber band up or down

                  b. Selecting the audio clip, and going to Adjust Tab/Adjustments Palette/Volume Panel expanded/Volume Slider

                  c. Selecting the audio clip, Audio Mixer

                  Adobe Premiere Elements Help | Mixing audio and adjusting volume

                  You can also right click the audio clip, select to change gain or Normalize in the Clip Gain dialog


                  Please review and consider and then we can discuss this further. At this point, I do not think it inaccurate to be pointing to the Sylvania for

                  answers for the core of the problem. But, the answers will be in the details.


                  Thanks for the follow ups.



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                    I have been toggling the horizontal line in the audio part of each clip. I

                    would check the level using the audio meter.


                    No, I also have mp3s in my video which play fine on the Sylvania as well.

                    The only audio that will NOT play on the DVD Is the interview audio. The

                    NAT sound and mp3 audio is fine. The only audio that isn't working on the

                    DVD is the interviews in which I used a lavalier mic.


                    No, I have kept the audio at -6 on the timeline and hear everything fine.

                    It is when I blast the volume on the tv when I have the DVD in the Sylvania

                    player, I hear NOTHING FOR THE INTERVIEW CLIPS. No, I have never had this

                    issue before,Even when I have watched previous project on the Sylvania.

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                      I played the same DVD on my playstation 3 and the interviews had audio;

                      therefore I will agree the Sylvania may be there issue. I truly appologize

                      for the incorrection in thinking in was the software.

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                        A.T. Romano Level 7



                        No appologizes. We go where the details lead us. Great troubleshooting looking at the DVD-VIDEO on DVD disc playback

                        with Playstation 3.


                        But, we are left with the disturbing "why" for the Sylvania playback issues with that same DVD when it comes to the "interview audio".


                        By the time the Timeline gets to the DVD disc, what is on the disc is supposed to be encoded to the same format.

                        Let us try this.


                        On your computer desktop, create an empty folder and name it AUDIO_TS.

                        Next, in Premiere Elements, burn your Timeline content to Publish+Share/Disc/DVD and burn to: Folder (4.7 GB).

                        In the folder generated, there will be an OpenDVD Folder and the VIDEO_TS Folder.


                        Import only the VIDEO_TS Folder and the AUDIO_TS Folder into the ImgBurn program for the burn to DVD-VIDEO on DVD disc. You will be starting with

                        "Write files/folders to disc"

                        How to burn a DVD Folder with ImgBurn - AfterDawn: Guides


                        Does that DVD-VIDEO on DVD disc play back on laptop and Sylvania with all the audio heard?


                        If you need any further how to details, please do not hesitate to ask.





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                          Ok. Will try that when I get the chance. Thank you for your assistance.

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                            Looking forward with your results when you get the chance.


                            Just a caution...when downloading these 3rd party software, please be careful about your choices in the download and install process in order to avoid unwanted carry alongs with the software that you want.