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    Sort order in Library Module


      I am having a problem in getting the sort order I want in Library module.  I originally imported JPEG files into a subfolder "Best Of".  I then returned to some of those photos (the RAW file) and developed them, then exported them as JPEG files to the same "best of" subfolder.  Although I have specified "capture date" as the sort criterion, the photos are displayed with the first batch of JPEG files in order shot, followed by the second batch of JPEG's that I developed, also in order shot.  As a result, all the developed files appear toward the end of the film strip, not in the actual order shot.  I would appreciate any tips.

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          dj_paige Level 9

          I can't replicate this issue with my Lightroom 5.5 on Windows 7


          However, if you don't mind me thinking out of the box, it seems like you are doing a lot of work to obtain a result that can be done much simpler, if you are willing to use a collection for this purpose. Simply drag the edited photo into a "Best Of" collection in Lightroom (no exporting needed), and you shouldn't have any trouble getting the proper sort order inside the collection. That's a lot less work than exporting! Saves disk space too! (And bvefore you object and say you have reasons why you need these in a folder for non-Lightroom purposes, that's easily solved by using a collection ... just do the export from the collection into a "Best Of" folder)

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            johnrellis Most Valuable Participant

            To help us help you troubleshoot this most efficiently: Use View > View Options to show the capture date under each thumbnail in the Library.  Then post here a full-resolution scree shot showing the entire LR window, including the left-hand column of selected sources and the current sort selection, e.g.



            Then it should be clearer what's going on.

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              DallasGT Level 1

              I think I see what may have happened:  the capture date of each file was changed to the date and time of import into the "best of"  sub-folder.

              Here is what the transition point looks like, even though all the shots were taken in March 2014.

              The question now is, can I somehow recover the date these photos were actually shot and have that appear as the capture date?

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                dj_paige Level 9

                Two questions


                1. When you do the export, have you changed the option under Metadata to say anything other than "All Metadata"
                2. Is my "thinking out of the box" solution off the table, or is it something you would consider doing (because it seems to me easier and also solves the problem) ?
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                  DallasGT Level 1

                  I think you have identified the problem:  I had inadvertently selected "copyright only" in the metadata field of export.  As a result, the shooting data did not get transferred.


                  As a relative newbie to LR, I am all-ears about different and better approaches to doing things.   Using the collection approach I think will solve the out-of-order problem I have had.  Thanks for that advice.