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    Help with 3-d Positioning using the z axis (forward and backwards)


      I have several nested compositions within my project PLUS a good bit of photoshop layers. I notice whenever I position my layers/pre-comps using the z axis in my main composition (forward and backwards) I cannot tell if they are moving at all using the front view, I can only tell that it has moved when it disappears behind another layer. HOWEVER when I render the main composition containing all of the elements, I can see how it "really" looks in the render previews, as if all of a sudden I can see exactly where I've placed the layers, and it's really misplaced. Why can't I see this before I render? And why does it not show me this perspective in the first place?


      FYI: I can see it the layers in sideways/top views, but I doesn't help me much because I cannot tell how the front looks.