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    How to Change Default photo Location of Lightroom 4


      I've installed Adobe suite on my main C:\ drive which is, for good or bad an SSD Drive, with only 160 GB of storage space total.

      Using another Larger 500 GB Platter HDD for main storage operations - All Photos etc. and a 3rd Platter Hdd for full Backups to retain data.


      This has become very problematic in that defaulting to "C:\User\XXXX\Pictures" quickly gobbles up all available SSD space with photos I need to store on "D:\Photography".

      Further if I move the imports from the default location (C:\Users\xxxx\pictures) LR Can no longer find them saying "Photo unavailable moved or missing" or some such.

      Since Lightroom and Photoshop both reside on "C:\"  for Speed, I would like to retain this for editing operations on selected photos, but Store the DL'd Originals to "D:\Photos" Or some other drive of my choosing...

      BTW I'm using Vista-64 Ultimate and like it so....


      I am hoping (praying) for a solution to this short of Uninstalling /Reinstalling my complete Adobe Suite to another drive.

      Apparently there is no internal config. item to do this- or have I missed it?

      Is there another way? Possibly in setup without a complete reinstallation?


      I know this may be a but confusing but it is a genuine concern - thanks for any help you can provide.