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    Adobe After Effects CC


      Hello ,


      I have a Problem whit animation in Adobe After Effects CC .The problem is when im make animation ......animation should last about 40 seconds ,but in my case that animation last only 7 seconds.

      Im render that animation in high resolution 1 pixel per 1 pixel...Perhaps that is problem ..but im dont know right .


      What should i do to be able to make animation that last how i wish.


      Thanks to everyone who will answer.

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          Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Go through these materials: Basic Workflow

          The last  section deals with rendering. Without knowing anything about your composition or render settings we have no idea what is going on with your project. If your comp is added to the render cue, and you have set rendering to use the entire composition instead of just the work area, then you will get the entire comp. If you use the Adobe Media Encoder, you will get the entire composition unless you set a custom time span.