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    Motion Path and Mask

    dkchang Level 1



      I am trying to animate this flow:


      Here is a list of what I need the most help with chronologically by priority:

      1. The endless graph can move back and forth horizontally, while the white block behind it is fixed.
      2. The location pin is fixed, while the map moves along the highlighted path.
      3. The numbers count down/up as graph moves -- similar to this GIF below:


      Any other tips on an efficient workflow for this project are more than welcome.



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          Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          This is all pretty basic stuff. Layers not plug-ins or effects. Text animations. position keyframes. If you are new to AE you need to get a handle on the Basic Workflow. Creating your moving graph can be a a layer with artwork that is long and thin on top of a small white solid. Same thing with the pin. The moving numbers can be just a text animator or an expression for source text tied to an animated Expression Control Slider.


          Again, just basic animation, not effects.