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    Searching an index repeatedly with different keywords and saving the results each time


      I have a set of over 2,000 PDF documents that I have created a library index for, using Adobe XI Pro.

      I can search individual keywords just fine, and save those search results in .CSV.

      But I have a list of keywords (rather large list, >1000 keywords) that I would like to search for one-by-one, reporting the results in CSV for each individual keyword search.

      Basically what i'm looking for is to find a way to run this search/save-results action over and over, using a different keyword each time.

      In the end I want to be able to have a repository where I can state that keyword XYZ appears in these PDF documents X-amount of times, and on the following pages in each document.


      I found this answer, but I want to automate it to loop through a large list of keywords, saving the results each time: Re: Export Search Results of Multiple PDFs


      Is there a way to script this?

      I've looked at the highlight & replace script, trying to create a Macro in Excel to search the PDF docs (which is VERY slow),... none worked so far.

      Any help would be greatly appreciated.