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    Windows login screen proble.

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      Hi all,

      I have a daft problem! I am using keyboard control xtra (by Meliora
      Software), to 'lock down' an application.

      It is being used on laptops at events and is just needed to prevent people
      form quitting the app. Unfortuhnately, I have no ide who what the OS
      environment is of these laptops as they will all be different and used be
      many different people!!

      So here's the problem....
      I'm getting reports back that on some of the older laptops, after a period
      of inactivity, windows is logging of back to the login screen - the one
      where you have to press ctrl+alt+delete to be able to login! And, guess
      what.... ctrl+alt+del is disabled with the keyboard control xtra! so they
      have to physically unplug the PC to re-run the software!!

      Does anyone know a way of preventing the login creen appearing (I know its a
      case of going to control panel and changing it, but most of the users are a
      bit computer illeterate!! and besides, they do not have admin rights.)

      Any ideas or sulutions would be greatly appreciated.

      [my only though, and ive not tried it yet, is to simulate a fake mouse click
      every say 10mins of inactivity?]


      Tim Dixon.

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          BuddyAPI has a command to disable the screensaver. It is the default
          screensaver that is coming up that asks to hit ctrl-alt-del after a
          period of inactivity. That would probably work for you, though it will
          depend on if the user has access to change their own screensaver. If the
          non-admin users don't have the access to do that at all, then your
          program won't either. baDisableScreenSaver() I think it is.

          Also, you could use BuddyAPI to test to see if it is the foremost
          window. If it is not, then unlock those keys.