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    Publishing to SmugMug


      I am setting up a photo site on SmugMug. I am new to publishing from Lightroom to SmugMug. While uploading to SmugMug I found that I must not be doing it incorrectly.

      I have 1200 photos published to SmugMug before this possible problem occurred to me.. I stopped until I understand or get a good system sorted out.


      What should be a good procedure / flow to use. I started publishing my original photos to SmugMug the way I want them.

      Now I find I can not make changes to the photo without it republishing to SmugMug.


      Should I not be publishing the original and be making virtual copies of all the photos that I publish to SmugMug as a "SmugMug Copy"?

      Should I publish the original to SmugMug and if I want to make a change then make virtual copy?


      Someone must know a better way to do this than the way I started.


      Any ideas and help will be gratley appreciated