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    What if my processing speed is too low?

    mattwalting Level 1

      My product requirement is 2 GHz of speed, but this laptop only has 1.4. Will it still work or do i need to upgrade?

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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          It depends on which processor it is and how many cores you have.


          But, generally, I always recommend having at least twice the recommended minimums for any hardware. The 2 ghz Adobe recommends for Premiere Elements is based on  a single-core Pentium. If you've got a quad-core processor, you're probably okay. A dual-core 1.4 ghz is a bit anemic for video editing -- although it also depends on which model of camcorder your video is coming from and if you're editing two-minute videos for YouTube or 1 hour videos for BluRay discs.


          What model of processor do you have?


          Have you downloaded the free demo and given it a test drive?