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    A good computer for After Effects?

    Flekcter Level 1

      So, I really need some help deciding if I should buy this computer or not. I have the opportunity to buy a ThinkStation S20 for mostly After Effects, 3D graphics and some games, for $500 CAD

      Specs of the ThinkStation:


      Intel Xeon W3530 - 2.8Ghz

      4GB Ram DDR3 1066Mhz

      500GB Hard Drive

      Nvidia Quadro 2000


      My current computer's specs:

      Intel Xeon E6600 2.4 Ghz
      4GB RAM DDR2 800MHZ

      250GB Hard Drive

      GT630 4GB Graphics Card


      I don't know if I should buy it, or save up a bit more to get a better computer. Help would be really appreciated.

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          Eddie4975 Level 1

          video card is one of the best but atleast 8 gb of ram would be advisable

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            Andrew Yoole MVP & Adobe Community Professional

            These days, I wouldn't contemplate using After Effects with less than 16GB of RAM.


            The video card is not particularly important for general After Effects use.

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              cc_merchant Level 4

              Save a bit more. The E6600 is from 2006 and the W3530 is from 2010. Both are so far outdated, they are no longer capable of using today's software.


              For decent AE work, get an i7 hexa core or better, at least 32 GB memory and a couple of SSD's and HDD's and a middle of the road video card.

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                Flekcter Level 1

                But will this "new" computer be much better than what I currently have?
                How much do you think I should save to get a decent one for editing? (What is the least amount?)

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                  cc_merchant Level 4

                  Look at something like the 'Low end warrior' here: Tweakers Page - What kind of PC to use?  and shave off some $$ by reducing the number of disks from 5 to 2 +1 for backup and save some more by getting a lesser video card, like a GTX 750.


                  It will run circles around what you have now. It will leave your system in the dust.

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                    ECBowen Most Valuable Participant

                    The system your looking at is far from ready for AE work. You really need atleast 16GB of ram and preferably a better CPU. The Quadro 2000 wont help you in AE and is a really low performing card anyway for GPU acceleration. Harm is right. Your better off waiting and getting a current desktop system ie 4790 or 4790K and 16GB to 32GB of ram. That system would be far better in AE than the newer system your looking at even if you did upgrade it.



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                      AE Gameboys Level 1

                      I think you need to focus on the RAM (at least 16GB) and Professional Graphics Card like any Quadro 2000 that you mention, rather than CPU.

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                        cc_merchant Level 4

                        In order of priority for AE performance, it looks like this:

                        1. CPU, number of cores, clock speed and L3 cache.
                        2. Amount of RAM with a minimum of 16 GB.
                        3. Speed of the cache disk.
                        4. Rest of the disk setup.
                        5. ...
                        6. ...
                        7. ...
                        8. ...
                        9. finally, any Open GL 2.0 video card.


                        A Quadro 2000 is way overpriced (€ 450), has only 1 GB VRAM and is more than 2 times slower than a GTX 750 Ti (€ 130) with double the VRAM. Only Ray tracing is accelerated, for the rest any € 30 video card performs equal to even a € 4300 Quadro K6000.

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                          JFPhoton Level 3

                          Eric and ccmerchant are correct !!!.......in addition you should know intel is releasing a brand new desktop CPU this September which will be a MAJOR improvement over the current crop of CPUs. The new "Haswell E" CPU will be offered in 6 and 8 core versions, will use quad channel HIGHER SPEED memory,will have a larger L3 cache, and will feature a new chipset and socket. The new chipset will provide a full 40 lanes of PCI gen. 3 connectivity AND TEN SATA III ports DIRECTLY off the motherboard !!!


                          I've been waiting for this to come out....it offers more cores, the fast "Haswell" CPU clock speed with overclock, faster quad channel memory, more PCI lanes, more L3 cache, and WAY more SATA III connections.....all in a desktop solution....not an "enterprise" XEON solution which is WAY more expensive !!! It appears that with the 2014 PPro CC release...Adobe has made the software handle the newer 4K video better, by increasing the use of the GPU for that format. So, all in all, it may be advisable to WAIT a little and invest in something that may actually LAST for three years !!!!