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    Load Balanced Servers RemoteObjects


      We are struggling with https access from Flex 3 using remote objects to CF8 servers using AMF channels. Our servers are load balanced (but session are tied to single server). The load balancer handles the https so by the time our servers are getting hit they are getting an http call, but the client side is calling an https url. We had this working with Flex 2 by modifying the cf-amf to using an https url, but still hitting the cf-amf channel destination, but now we seem to be losing acknowledgments in our flex 3 version.

      Any recent changes to flash clients software or known issues around this?
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          lundens Level 1
          Well after more testing, it appears we are possibly running into some sort of size issue or timeout issue without response message from the server. When we reduce the size of the response to the client, we are able to get this work. However, the application doesn't work unless it gets all the data it needs.

          Any ideas on size or timeout issues would be appreciated?