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    how to create a facebook "likes" counter in adobe after effects?


      I was wondering if anyone could guide me to a tutorial on how to create a small icon that updates for example, the number of steps a person has taken or how many likes a video has got. For an example, I want to shoot a video where someone is running and I use a device which monitors my steps. The device shows the steps as 2 running shoes and in my video I would like to have this icon with the steps being counted beside it in my video.

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          Andrew Yoole MVP & Adobe Community Professional

          My approach would be to take a screen grab of the look you want, in the highest resolution possible.  Rebuild and adjust what you need, either in Photoshop or After Effects.


          To create a counter that steps up numerically, you can either use a text layer with an expression to keyframe the numbers, or create a solid and apply the Numbers plugin, which also allows you to keyframe the numbers.


          Here's some options straight from a Google search: after effects number counter


          If you're seeking a tool that will automatically count the steps of the person walking/running, that's a very complex proposition.