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    output module failed


      Hello All,

      I have been using AE for the past 10 years and never have i encountered such a horrible bug/issue as this "output module failed".


      Are the people at Adobe even aware of this issue?


      I am curious on how the product was released in the first place knowing this bug exists.


      i do alot of rendering of small :10 animations; i utilize the render queue alot.

      i remember the good old days where i was able to take 100 animations and drop them into the render queue and walk away, knowing the chances of a render bust were very minimal. Now, if i was to drop 100 animations, i would get a failure on each one, and be forced to not only babysit each render, but change codecs as well. What once took 10 minutes now takes 2 hours.


      I have read the online fixes for this issue; of which none really work.

      1. DVCPROHD codec removal? i didn't even have it in the first place to remove

      2. disc permissions are fine

      3. no firewalll

      4. no external anything, no 3rd party plugins (very basic AE setup)