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    Best approche on HDD SSD hybrid, how to optimise my workflow



      I recently got a new laptop, MSI GS60, in which I've got 1 TB of HDD and 126 GB of SSD, I've also got an open space for another SSD in which I plan on putting a 250 GB SSD.

      My question is about where to put what. The way I've been taught is to install my os and other programs on the SSD while storing all of my footage and the like on the HDD (aswell as external drives of course). Fair enough, so I've installed Windows on the SSD aswell as my Adobe creative suite and I've got all of my footage on the HDD. But what do I do with project files and the like? Should my projects (mostly work with Premiere pro and After effects) save onto the SSD or HDD? Right now they are saved onto the SSD and of course that space of 126 gb is pretty full by now, which is why I'm planning on adding another SSD, this one of 250 GB.

      I'm starting to get the feeling I should be saving my project files onto the HDD but will this make my workflow slower? What is the best approche to this? My priority is to get everything working as fast as possible.

      (this question of course include aoutosave files and everything like that)

      I would be happy to hear any and all thoughts.



      EDIT: Also, is there a general hardware forum? As opposed to this hardware forum specific to Premiere Pro?