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    flash CS3 [Inspectable] metatags

      Can please somebody provide me a sample of how the [Inspectable] metatags are used in Flash cs3?
      I'm doing this:
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          FlepStudio Level 1
          Ok, my tries have verified that :
          i exported the SWC file and i created the MXP file, when i install it with Adobe Extension Manager and i go to try the component, the Inspecable metatags heve worked fine infact i have the right paramenters i've added with getter/setter in the component Class.

          Now, this is pretty annoying cos every time i made an implementation of my code i should export the SWC, create the MXP, install it and try the component lol it's crazy :P :)

          So at the moment, every time i need to try my code, i convert the component Class into Compiled Clip and it works, i mean it displays my parameters in Component Inspector panel.