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    Delete signatures in Adobe X (Password issues)


      A few months ago I was having problems with Adobe so it was deactivated and re-installed.


      I'm assuming this is why I'm having issues now, however, I was able to sign until now.


      I am unable to sign any documents due to "password incorrect".


      I did not change my password.


      When I go through the steps to delete the existing signatures to create a new one, it again prompts for the password and does not allow me to move forward "password incorrect".


      I do not want to have my list full of signature ID's that is not valid. I have one for work, professional organization and two personal.


      I'm finding that the password protection is not such a good idea since I'm not using a shared computer. However, I do like the option of having the extra security.


      Should I uninstall and re-install or will it still remember my past information. Again, I'm thinking this is why I'm having the problem now due to uninstall/re-install a few months ago.


      Any insight is greatly appreciated!


      Make it a great day!!