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    CS6 InDesign: Why isn't hyperlink working?

    kellybellis Level 1

      It's been a maddening pursuit - honest, I've tried. There are actually (2) issues; the second precipitated by the first.


      Primary Issue

      I'm unable to create additional hyperlinks in Adobe CS6 InDesign 8.0.2 (Win7 Pro 64-bit).

      Background - first hyperlink works fine in exported PDF; in Master page, created little hyperlink footer to parent website, text source, appearing on most pages.

      On an individual regular page (not in Master), have tried both text and graphics as source; through right-clicking and Hyperlinks panel, nothing works; impotent in exported PDF.


      Secondary Issue

      I'm unable to delete hyperlinks in Hyperlinks Panel table.

      Background - Given above; as a result of various attempts the table in the Hyperlinks Panel when displayed via the drop-down menu/ list, there they are; refusing to be deleted. Many attempts, closing app/ relaunching - no avail. How can this list get purged?


      Thank you for any help.