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    Lightroom 5.5 Crashing When I Reject Photos


      I don't think this happened before V5.5, but in the Library or Develop module, if I click the X key repeatedly rejecting a series of photos, Lightroom will crash.  It comes up with "Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 64-bit has stopped working, windows is checking for a solution to this problem".  Then it says, "A problem caused the program to stop working correctly. Windows will close the program and notify you if a solution is available."  Then it only gives me the option closes out.  When I restart, "The catalog named... was left in an inconsistent state.  Lightroom must restore the catalog before proceeding" flashes briefly on the screen. 


      When it comes back up, some of the photos I marked as rejected have reverted to a non-rejected state, and then the program seems to work normally until...it crashes again.


      Interesting, I tried rating photos by pressing the "1" key as fast as I could push it, and I could not crash it, so it seems related to the rejection process.


      I'm stuck, any ideas?