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    Applied 55% transparency to group of objects, but a placed .eps file is darker than things created natively in InDesign

    jeffgarrett Level 1

      hey guys,


      I'm working on a math book and for some reason, my placed .eps files (which are used for equations) are appearing darker than the other items when set to 55% opacity. I've ensured that everything is set to 100% opacity before grouping, then grouped and set to 55%. My only thought is maybe the eps is RGB when the other things are CMYK...and if this is the case, I'm not sure how to test / fix it. Other than that idea, I have no clue as to where to begin in addressing this issue.




      The cheese is real with this example.



      You can see here that I'm applying the 55% opacity to the entire group. I've also ungrouped all of the objects, made sure they're at 100% opacity, then grouped and set to 55%.




      You can see here that the text is 100% black.