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    Video editing program


      Can anyone suggest a video editing program that will include green screen chroma key that is not Adobe Premier Elements? I have been working with Adobe Premier Elements but it has been extremely frustrating. I removed Adobe Premier Elements from my computer and tried to reinstall it but it will not load properly and I get an error note when I try to click on the icon on my desktop. So I have removed it. Adobe will not assist me because I have had the program too long.( 2 years ). I hope this explains why I want to try a different program. Thank you for any help.

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          Peru Bob Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Has it ever worked?

          What version of Premiere Elements?

          What was the error code?

          What are your system specs?

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            buffalobluff Level 1

            Yes. I have converted vhs tapes to dvd and loaded the dvd to my computer and then edited the video and burned it to a new dvd.I am now working with a webcam video that  I have edited with Windows movie maker that converts the video to wmv format. This works but Adobe Premier Elements keeps causing trouble.

            The version I have is Premier Elements 10.

            I did not record the code so I do not have it.

            I have a model HPE-360z Pavilion with Windows 7 home premium 64 bit system with 8gb ram and 1 terrabite hard drive.

            Note: I had a At@T technition try to perform the uninstall and install of the Premier Elements 10 program.

            Thank you for your reply.

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              Peru Bob Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              Try right clicking on the icon and choose "Run as administrator."

              How much free space is on the hard drive?

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                Barbara B. Level 7

                Moving this to the correct forum. You posted in the Photoshop Elements forum and very few people here use PRE. You'll get more help in the Premiere Elements forum.

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                  A.T. Romano Level 7



                  If you want to troubleshoot your Premiere Elements 10 on Windows 7 64 bit issues, you have come to the right place.

                  But, the answers are in the details if you are prepared for an exchange of Premiere Elements problem details.


                  1. IMPORTANT. What video card/graphics card does your computer use? If NVIDIA GeForce, then you probably have the

                  answer to your problems. Have you read the Announcement at the top of this forum on the Premiere Elements 10 NVIDIA GeForce

                  issue which is forcing these users to roll back the card's driver to about May 2013.


                  2. If your computer uses a non NVIDIA GeForce video card/graphics card, then read on and reinstall Premiere Elements 10 and then try to run the

                  program and a project. If error message or messages stop you from doing that then please post the exact wording of the error

                  message that you are receiving and when you are receiving it in the sequence of events.


                  As for alternative programs, best identify the candidates online and go the tryout route before purchase.


                  We looking forward to helping you resolve your Premiere Elements 10 issues if you want to do so. Like you, I would need to do a google search to determine which video editors come with the keying feature of green screen and/or chroma key.


                  I am not affiliated with Adobe in any way. Just user to user.


                  We will be watching for your follow up.





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                    buffalobluff Level 1

                    Hello Mr Romano: My video card is 1GB ATI Radion HD5570. That said I believe my problem has been solved by Adobe.Monday they failed and Tuesday they failed but the Tuesday tech. said he thought I needed to enable my hidden administrator.He also said my Norton 360 was not working. So I contacted Norton and they fixed the 360 issue. I told him about the administrator and he enabled it for me. Today Adobe was able to install Photoshop Elements 10 and Premier Elements 10 with no problems. Both programs appear to be working correctly. WONDERFUL !! I thank you for your replies. Perhaps this info will help someone else.Thank you again.   George

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                      A.T. Romano Level 7



                      Wonderful, wonderful news.


                      I will call this to the attention of a Premiere Elements 10 user with the ID geekintraining.


                      How did you get Adobe to help you with this, since typically it says that  it supports only current version, purchased, registered?


                      Did the rep indicate that Adobe had changed its policy on this?


                      Great contribution. Great job.


                      Best wishes



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                        buffalobluff Level 1

                        Hello Mr. Romano: Adobe did not hesitate to help me. To my pleasant surprise! There was no mention of a policy change. One piece of info I forgot. The notice I kept getting was    ERROR:1  I thank you for this reply.