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    AE stops the render when it gets to Cinema 4d lite layer

    sacrtc Level 1

      I put together a file using AE CC (not the new 2014 version). The output comp is 10 seconds long and rendered just fine yesterday before I added some 3d text and animation from Cinema 4d lite. Today I added the Cinema 4d lite items to the original AE file. Everything looks fine in AE but when I add to the render queue the render stops after outputting 3 seconds of the comp. The Cinema 4d layer comes in at the 3 second mark so I have to believe that there is something there that is stopping the render. It does not give me any type of error. It just stops rendering as if it were complete. The AVI plays fine but only has the first 3 seconds in it. When I set things up in 4d lite, I left render settings at their default. I changed the FPS to match the AE file which is set at 24fps. When I did RAM previews everything seemed to work fine.


      Any help would be greatly appreciated.


      Windows 7 64 bit machine, Alienware with an intel i7core processor.


      Thanks in advance.

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          Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          This is very hard to say without knowing exactly what is going on in your comp and what the nature of the failure is. Could you have reset the work area? Could you be running out of ram? It would help if we saw a screenshot of the Composition with all properties revealed for the problematic layer. It would help if we knew if the entire comp would render if you turned off the C4D layer. It would also help if we knew if there were any error messages.

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            Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

            Without knowing what exactly is going on in your C4D scene nobody can say much. It is a reasonable assumption that the issue may be there, but your info is simply insufficient and vague. Also you might wanna render an image sequence as a test. Could well be that in fact the AVI saver times out while waiting for Cineware to do its thing. That may even depend on some quality setting in Cineware that multiplies render times for final output...



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              sacrtc Level 1

              The C4D is a simple text animation with a fracture and plain deformer (Pardon me if I don't have the terms exactly correct but I am sure you know what I mean). The text scales from very small to full size with a little bit of rotation to it. The length is set to 210 frames with the animation ending at frame 90, just so I can get a still while my other AE animation continues. The AE portion contains a lot of animated fractal noise, some 3d layers and a camera with very little motion. The setting for C4D were left at the default settings, so without knowing specifically which ones you need to know about, I wouldn't know what to tell you. I do need to make one correction to my original post. I thought back and realized I never did a full ram preview of the comp. When I did this late last night, the RAM preview ended right where the C4D comp starts. I created a file with only a C4D text animation and nothing else, that one rendered just fine, though it was very simple and had no texture or lights in the scene. I will try what you suggested and see if I can get an image sequence. I also intend to try and render the C4D portion separately and see what happens.


              Thanks again.