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    LR 5.5 - Camera RAW Cache settings reset non-stop

    Krzysztof Cabak

      Lightroom doesn’t remember the folder path in Camera RAW Cache Settings section in File Handling tab in Preferences window. I want to set my own folder Camera Raw Cache and its maximum size but every time Lightroom sets default path (C:/Users/Name/AppData/Local/Adobe/CameraRaw/Cache/) and also maximum size as 1GB. When I set all the parameters Camera RAW Cache and click OK or switch between the tabs in Lightroom preferences window or restart Lightroom and I return to the File Handling tab all the data is reset to default. The same happens when I want to change the parameters Camera RAW Cache from Adobe Bridge and Photoshop.


      Second question:

      When I use DNG file format with Embed Fast Load Data option in the folder Camera RAW Cache the “DAT” files doesn’t appear. Is it connected with the use of Embed Fast Load Data option? When I use the original NEF files from my Nikon “DAT” files appear.


      [Win 7 64-bit, LR 5.5, Web&Design CS6]