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    Need step by step instructions on how to get Lightroom to run in Windows


      First I downloaded Lightroom successfully using newest version of Creative Cloud. It would not run. Literally, nothing happens.

      Then I found some info online that says when Lightroom CC doesn't run, you must uninstall it and download it from the Adobe website instead of using Creative Cloud.

      When I try to download it in either Firefox or Chrome, I get this error message "Firefox/Chrome doesn't know how to open this address, because one of the following protocols (aam) isn't associated with any program or is not allowed in this context."

      After a lot of searching around, I discovered that I needed to download the Adobe Application Manger. I did so but it calls itself the Adobe Update Management Tool. Very confusing.

      Then I went back to the Adobe website and tried to download Lightroom again and got the same error message.

      Next, I ran the Adobe Update Management Tool and clicked on Get and Install Online Updates which seemed to be the only relevant choice. In the dropdown box under Select Product Type, there are many Adobe programs listed but Lightroom isn't one of them. I gave up on trying to download Lightroom directly from the Adobe website.

      I then re-downloaded Lightroom successfully using Creative Cloud. It still would not run.

      Next I found some info online that says you have to go into Appdata > Adobe > Local and rename the OOBE file to OOBE.old, so I did that. Lightroom still would not run. I rebooted. This time when I tried to run Lightroom, I got the screen where you have to accept Adobe's terms and conditions. I did so. Lightroom but still would not run.


      Is there anyone who has been through this and knows exactly what steps in what order I need to take to get Lightroom to run? I have Photoshop CC and it runs without any problems.