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    images once exported (RAW) do not show up in catalog or previous imorts not film strips in library nor develop.  They are in the files to which they were exported


      Not sure how to get this going seems rather redundant.

      In the last 4 - 5 days I have imported several hundred RAW files, done some minimal post processing and exported these images to various files (I have verified that the images are in the files to which I exported them).  These images to no show up in previous imports nor do they show up in library nor develop film strips.  How or can I get them to show up for additional review and possible manipulation.  I recently did this same operation with largle JPEG files and all went well.

           I did initially have some problems with LR recognizing the RAW files but some how was able to overcome that ( perhaps a card  issue they are old card and the JPEGs were on a new card hmmmm!!??)

           Any ways I supposed I can reimport them from their current files but that is a redundant pain.  Suggestions would be apprediated