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    [Ann] TreeGrid = Tree + Grid

      The TreeGrid Control is a Flex™ 2 control. Conceptually it is a Tree control for displaying tree-like data structures. Operationally, it looks and behaves more like a mx:DataGrid. Internally, the TreeGrid control consists of a mx:Tree and a mx:DataGrid, resulting in a number of advantages:

      1. All mx:Tree and mx:DataGrid features are readily available, such as drag-and-drop, renderer and editor, skins and events, etc.
      2. Small footprint. This control is an aggremeration of the two native controls; it does more wiring than feature implementation.
      3. It is very programmable with familiar programming interface.

      The current version is 1.0-Beta, which is fully functional but has some known issues; these issues, however, should not affect its programming. Check it out at [Adobe | Exchange | Flex | Libraries], or visit the web site at http://www.riaone.com/treegrid/

      Have lots of fun with the TreeGrid control!