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    Is Adobe Cloud ever going to provide a presentation software like Join.Me to connect with customers?


      I remember than in the past the used to have the Adobe Connect as part of the creative suite, software, which was an excellent tool to communicate and make quick changes with long distance customers.

      Adobe then discontinued the FREE support when the launched the Adobe Cloud. It has been interesting that after almost 2 years, they have not launch a software to replace the Adobe Connect.

      I do have to mention that Adobe Connect does exist in the standalone version, which is ridiculously expensive for the teams 1-2 persons.

      I have been using Join.Me which is the best FREE software available, pretty reliable and stable. My only complain, is as a 2yr user of the Adobe Cloud

      paying the $65 per month and knowing that the cloud membership is the strongest and a MUST have for designers, developers, video professionals.

      It only occurs to me that they should also include their Adobe Connect as part of our membership to continue the synergy they have accomplished with

      all of their other softwares. Javier Morales - MOS THE Agency - McAllen