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    Validating an Acrobat forms text field


      I'm using Acrobat X1 Pro and Live Cycle Designer ES4


      I have a numeric text field to capture a blank or 14 digit number.

      The display pattern is: null{}|num{zzzzzzzzzzzzzz}

      The edit pattern is: null{}|num{zzzzzzzzzzzzzz}

      The validation pattern is:

      The data pattern id : null{}|num{zzzzzzzzzzzzzz}


      I'm trying to make test that the user:

      only enters numbers

      enters nothing or a 14 digit number.


      Display an error message and set focus back on the field for wrong entries.


      This is the code:

      topmostSubform.Page1.AU01::exit - (JavaScript, client)

      // Test AU number format

      var re = /^[0-9]{14}$/

      //Allow blank space in field

      if (event.value !="") {

        if (re.test(event.value) == false) {

          app.alert ({

             cTitle: "Incorrect AU Format",

             cMsg: "Enter a valid 14-digit AU number."






      I get the error message when I exit the field regardless of what is in the field. And the set focus does not seem to work.


      I can program in VBA but find Javascript challenging. What good reference books can you recommend?


      May thanks.


      Brian Dunkin