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    Flash Player Authentication Failed


      I am having all sorts of problems with Adobe Flash Player.

      I am new to Windows 8 so that doesn't help, things are hard to find on here.

      I have tried to install flash on my laptop after having a problem watching video content on SkyGo.  When trying to watch something I get an error message saying Flash Player Authentication Failed.

      I have tried the few fixes I have found for this and they didn't work so I have tried to re install Flash Player.

      I go through the complete installation and it appears to have worked.  I then try to find the program and can't find it.

      It appears in my control panel but not in applications under the start menu, so I can uninstall it but not open it.  I search my computer for it and it gives my no results.  There doesn't even seem to be a Flash Player program folder.

      This is driving me nuts.  I have tried all the suggestions on the help page and a few forum suggestions but nothing seems to work.

      It doesn't help that I have to Google everything to find out where things are on Windows 8.