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    Animating a chart in Adobe Edge


      Hello all


      Am new to Adobe Edge and am looking to animate a column chart, with two sets of data.

      My aim is to animate the two sets of data (cash and equity), by clicking on the legend for each set, and then publish the OAM file, to be placed in a dps file.

      The animation works perfectly fine before I insert any coding.


      I have placed a trigger to stop the playhead at the start of the animation: sym.stop();


      I then saved each set of data as a symbol and then I attach an action to the the cash and equity legend (which have also been made symbols): sym.getSymbol("Cash9").play();


      However, when I launch the animation in a safari browser, clicking on the cash legend does not begin the animation.


      Can anyone shed any light on how I can resolve this issue??


      Thanks in advance.