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    Fractal designs like these? Possible with any software?


      Ok... There are two type of fractal/chaos images I'd like to make.. to import into photoshop for some work of mine..

      I have the master suite (student edition) so if not photoshop illustrator would be fine, I'll convert to jpg for what I need.


      1. A fractal/chaos design that appears to move (as an illusion) (jpg or normal image file)


      http://1.bp.blogspot.com/-LUKFMS_Mz7g/TaCP29yiUfI/AAAAAAAAB9Y/7y1jMhPCteg/s1600/MovingFrac tal.jpg

      Illusions - Fractal Illusions



      2. A fractal/chaos animation, that loops back to where it started preferably not too long either.. (video or animated gif, that I can take the sequence into photoshop)

      (doesn't have to seem as 3d rendered as this.. but similar to this..)

      Surface detail on Vimeo



      Any Ideas how this could be achieved?