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    Premiere Elements 12 will not open?

    Basto Slice

      Hey so this just started today.  I've been able to edit for the past few months no problem...but today all of a sudden it will not work.


      I am running Adobe Premiere Elements 12 on Windows 7.  I uninstalled this and re installed it and it still will not work.  I bought a copy of this from Best Buy so I have all legit copies of everything.  I set it up so it automatically goes into the editor now...and it still wont work.  Before I uninstalled everything I would click new project...and that still did nothing today.  How do I fix this because I run a partial career through videos and editing them...without that I don't have much.


      Also, why is it that when I record through my webcam and screen capture and try to do picture in picture my webcam video unsynchs the audio and video..but when I watch it by itself it's fine?  We're talking a good 3-5 second delay between video and audio.  I definitely didn't drop this much money on a program to be messing with the quality of my work.