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    Photoshop 7 no longer opens files


      After using Ps 7.0 for a couple of months on my new Win 7 PC, it has stopped opening files. I can make it open one jpg file by deleting the preferences file, but then it won't open second file. It also won't start a new blank file.  I updated it to 7.0.1, but that didn't do anything.


      An odd thing that might be related: when I'm in the file manager and double-click on an image file to open it with the default viewer (one of the Microsoft viewers that came with the the computer), it sometimes doesn't work - it does nothing. Because it's also a problem opening files, I thought it was worth mentioning. Photoshop opens the program, but doesn't open files. It doesn't matter if I right-click in the file manager and try "open with", or go to Ps and try to open a file. It doesn't matter if it's a previously opened file that I try to select from the recent file list.