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    how to navigate back to previous position after hyperlink?




      I couldn't find a way with ADE to navigate back to the previous position after clicking a hyperlink.  I have to either traverse through the TOC, or remember my page number and go back to it.  With Calibre, I can just Alt-Left Arrow, like with a web browser.  I found that this had been noted back in 2007 in Epub readers: Adobe Digital Editions, FBReader and OpenBerg Lector—reviewed with a little tough love | TeleRead: Bring t… :


      One missing item in Digital Editions is a “Back” button to allow you to return to where you were after a hyperlink jump. Now, you may be saying that “this is an e-book reader and not a web browser.” True enough, but hyperlinks are a supported part of the epub specification and they can have many uses in an e-book. Jumping to an endnote or a glossary definition are just two routine uses. You can click on a hyperlink in Digital Editions and it will jump there (although slowly), but the program has no mechanism to allow you to return to where you came from. You would have to select the chapter you were in from the table of contents and then page through, until you find your previous position. Not good. Also, if you do use a hyperlink jump to another part of the e-book and then close that e-book, your reading position is not remembered, as it is otherwise.


      Am I missing an option?  If not, please add this feature to your next release.


      Thank you,