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    LR bug: Photo not shown when you edit in OnOne Perfect photo and come back to LR

    tmchow Level 1

      I have LR 5.5 and OnOne Perfect Photo Suite 8.5 (PPS) installed.


      When I edit the photo in PPS, triggered from LR, then come back to LR, the photo isn't shown, but the original photo shows that another photo is stacked with it.  No matter what I do I can't see the photo unless I either (1) close LR and re-open it or (2) click another folder to load other set of images, then go back to the folder I was in.


      Repro steps:

      1. Install LR 5.5 and PPS 8.5.
      2. Select a photo in LR and go to menu bar and click on File, then Plug-in Extras, then click on Perfect Photo Suite 8.
      3. Edit the photo in PPS, then go to File, then Save.  Exit PPS.
      4. Go back to LR and you'll see that the original photo you selected shows an overlay showing "2", which indicates it is stacked with another photo.  Click on the overlay to expand the stack,

      Actual result: You only see the original photo, even though you've expanded the group.

      Expected result: I see both photos, the original one and the edited one in PPS.