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    How can I relocate graphics used in existing InDesign projects to cloud storage without relinking each graphic after relocating?


      My laptop hard drive is almost full and I need to relocate my library of photos and movies. I'm considering moving everything to a cloud storage system such as IntraLink VIA or SpiderOak. I use a MacBook Pro Retina and only have limited connections, most of which are used by my Apple Cinema Display and external hard drive for the Time Machine backup. So, I believe cloud storage would be my best solution.


      However, I do not want to relink every graphic in every InDesign file that I've ever created once I move the pictures out of my laptop Pictures folder. Having made this mistake before, I know what a pain this can cause.


      Is there any way that I can relocate all of my pictures and movies, etc. without needing to relink everything?


      Thanks in advance if you can save me a LOT of trouble.