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    Adjustment Layer for Shapes


      Hey Guys,
      So I was having to change a bunch of properties of multiple shape layers and I was thinking, Wouldn't it be cool to have shape adjustment layers?
      You have 10 different shape layers  - 5 Squares and 5 triangles
      Create a new shape adjustment layer and apply "round corners"
      You can now very easily control the round corners for all layers without having to go into each layer


      Then maybe you could have inclusions and exclusions - You could include all shape layers with "square_01" in the name, Then the shape adjustment layer would only effect the shape layers with "square_01" in the name.

      I know you can kind of so this by creating multiple polygons under one shape layer but some times you need multiple shape layers.



      Anyone else think this would be handy? Can you already do this and I am just ignorant ?